Why you should use Smarthomefinancial
for your home or business?

Why us?

We offer both loan and rental financing. Your success is our success. We are your partner, not just your funder.

We are Canadian owned and managed; part of the Blue Chip group of companies. Our contracts are simple and easy to complete. Seasonal promotions are frequently offered to our dealers

Why us?

Fast Based Web Approval system.
We pay out our dealers within 48 hours.

We can structure loan payments from 60/120 months, to lower monthly payments for your customers. Also, we offer a 24 to 36 month 0% loan.

We provide custom management reports, exportable into Excel.

Why us?

Tons of money saving opportunities


We only work with dealers that treat customers with great service. Consultation services are in place to assist our dealers in the field. Bringing them tools and knowledge so they can provide outstanding service.

Pay through Enbridge

We offer a payment option through Enbridge

Deals on products

At smarthomefinancial we provide you with dealers and reliable manufacturers who we work with continuously to provide the best deals possible.